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Hi there!

My name is Vladimir Koldaev, but everyone calls me Vova - which means shortly Vladimir in Russian.

I am 24 years old, I was born in small industrial city in Russia, but live in Prague since 2012.


Everything started when I was a kid and I did not leave a single tree or a fence. Together with friends we jumped  parkour on the garages. At this time, we did not know that such a discipline exists at all. It did not take long and we started to visit "power tumbling" where I was the only one who withstood and did not stop. Then I got the title of "master of sport".


In 2012, I came to Prague to study university and met the Prague tracers. We trained together and visited the parkour Jams. Later I began to travel around the Czech Republic and then Europe. I have participated in several competitions in different countries.


Later, I became a member of the Urban Sense Team, which was created for various performances, commercials and presentations. Currently we are focusing on the organization of JumpRun workshops and camps.

In 2015, I overestimated my strength and damaged my left knee. I had a surgery with replaced ligament (ACL), then I had to stop with parkour for the whole year 2016. I wanted to stop forever because most of people do not come back to the sport after such as injury, but the motivation - watching my old videos and friend's support forced me get back to the shape and show "Russian Power"







Lovci a oběti 2015 – Bandit

In Your dream 2016 – Richie

Zoo keeper’s wife 2017 – stuntman

Specialisté (6th episode)  2017 – stunt double
Specialisté 4 (37th episode)  2018 – stunt double

I participated in the filming of several films and serials, mostly as a stuntman. I got a role in the Czech parkour film "In Your Dreams" where I played the role of Richi.



Russia Parkour Challenge - 2nd in Style Contest
Art Moving 2 - 2nd in Style Contest
Sammi Games 2 


Jambo 2 - 5th 
Art Moving 3 - 3rd 
Freestyle 2 rue - 2nd
Atom Challenge - 1st in Style Contest


Born To Trick Challenge - 1st
Micro Trek - 1st in Style Contest
Red Bull Art of Motion Onsite Qualifier
Air Wipp Challenge 


Blend 42 Parkour Cup 2017:
Plzen: SpeedRun - 3rd, Style Contest - 2nd
Ceske Budejovice: SpeedRun - 1st, Style Contest - 1st 
Brno: SpeedRun - 3rd, Style Contest - 3rd
Hradec Kralove: SpeedRun - 5th, Style Contest - 1st
Ostrava: SpeedRun - 1st, Style Contest - 3rd
Praha: Final - 1st
Red Bull Art of Motion Onsite Qualifier



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